By Designer Thony C. Anyiam.


                       Oscar Red Carpet Fashion review: Men’s fashion edition.

As I watched in dismay and disappointment the red carpet parade of Hollywood stars at the just concluded Oscar ceremony, I could not help wondered what actors in the 40s and 50s, would have said if asked then, their views of what their compatriots would be wearing in the 21 century?. I am sure they would not have envisaged that the prevailing men’s style in 2009 to be the same traditional black tuxedo, with white shirt, black bowtie, and black cummerbund. While some of the female on the red carpet looked stunning, most of the men on the other hand looked dull, and predictable, and that to me was a disappointment.

I am personally sick and tired of seeing the same look year after year, despite the fact every year designers unveil new and exciting look for men. As a men’s wear designer and stylist, I know there are many alternatives out there.

I understand men’s wear cannot compete with women’s wear, but make it a little bit exciting, add some colors, and none traditional style. Fame actors like Sean Connery, Wesley Snips and Steve Seagal have worn none traditional attire.

The attempt to induce black necktie into formal wear to me looks out of place. Necktie should remain in the office and board room. The fact it is call “black tie” does not mean you have to take it literally.

The way I see it, it is a case of the actors afraid to take risk, and end up being chastised by the media, so they play it safe. It is no surprise in most of the fashion review shows on television; little or no attention was paid to what the men wore because, it was the same old predictable boring look.

It is time to let go the "safe and conservative look”, but if you have to, mix it up, make it exciting. Fashion is global, and diverse. Be your own person specifically actors and actresses with Africa lineage, instead of what your manager or stylist wants you to be. Fashion, is fun and should not to be taken too seriously.


Thony C. Anyiam is Washington DC, USA- base, Nigerian-American inventor, Author and premier fashion designer and author of a new style book: Jumping the broom in style.



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