Symbols Descriptions


Aya AYA  (Fern):  Symbol of Endurance, Defiance against difficulties, Hardiness, Perseverance, independence, and Resourcefulness.

BESE SAKA. BESE SAKA: Bunch of Kola Nuts, Plentitude, Affluence, Power, & Togetherness.

Duafe DUAFE:  Good feminine qualities: patience, prudence, fondness, love & care.

DWENINI MMEN DWENINI MMEN (2): Rams Horns, symbol of Strength and Humility.

Sankofa SANKOFA: Go back and Fetch it.

Nyame. NYAME: God’s Tree, Altar of God.

Fofo. FOFO: Seeds of a plant. Warning against jealousy and covetousness.

Damedame. DAMEDAME:  Defense, Protection, Power.

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