Why have an African American (Afrocentric) Wedding?

An excerpt from The African American Wedding Manual.

By Rev. Willie F. Wilson

The African American wedding ceremony provides for the use and creation of shared symbols and meanings. It therefore enhances the development of a national and international consciousness of who we are as a people. It serves to unite African Americans in common beliefs and attitudes and thereby establishes the basis for the formation of a common destiny and cooperation in pursuing it.

The African American wedding ceremony employs, symbols, rituals, traditions, and ideological concept out of the African experience, the African American wedding ceremony strikes a deep natural, harmonious chord inherent in the subconscious psyche of African Americans. The spontaneity, the congregational involvement and the rituals all combine to create an African inspired ambiance that “fits well” and lets African Americans know that it is naturally theirs.

The excitement, colors, drama, and spirit of an African American (Afrocentric) wedding make it an experience that will never be forgotten. This is profoundly important because in an environment where marriage has been downgraded from a highly regarded value, we need everything we can muster to indelibly inscribe in our hearts and mind the importance of this very sacred institution.